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Priest PvP Talent [BUG]
The Discipline Priest talent Premonition is bugged, and sometimes will not deal damage to the priest while the priest is in CC.

I've tested this multiple times with myself and other priests to make sure it's not some timing-error.

Example: The intent is to deal damage to myself to break out of a polymorph. As Polymorph's cast is ending, I hit Premonition . I enter Polymorph, the animation for Premonition Plays, but my character takes zero damage. // The damage doesn't break the Polymorph.

This is an INFREQUENT bug. It will sometimes work, and sometimes won't. the problem is this is within a closed environment where nothing is changing. It simply is buggy.

Please fix the Premonition ability so that it correctly deals damage to priests who are in CC effects 100% of the time.
Edit: in the process of testing out that it does infact break other CC's 100% of the time.

Edit 2: It is NOT just polymorph. soft CC in general doesn't break to Premonition's Damage, which I"m 99% sure is the intent of this PvP talent.

This includes Blind, Frost Trap, Polymorph so far are the CC I've tested with the much appreciated help of Ren. Sap is the only excluded CC, as it broke 100% of the time, as intended. This let us conclude that there's some issue with how premonition is working. It's being treated like a harmful effect or "DoT" even, and the built in damage removal of these CC's that was implemented recently is preventing the PvP talent from working as intended. (Sap doesn't have the built in DoT removal)

If you're confused what I'm referring to, Please see this quote I believe it's related to the source.

06/14/2016 06:41 PMPosted by Phalanx
We've changed all crowd-control abilities that break from damage to clear damage over time effects when applied.

I believe, This change is what's causing interference with how Premonition is Working. Don't get me wrong. The CC change is a good thing. Premonition needs to be adjusted so that it's not incorrectly bugging out and only working correctly 25% of the time.
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5 years ago
Priest PvP Talent [BUG]
Thanks for the detailed report, I appreciate all the research you did into this bug! Premonition will work in all the situations you listed once you get a build with the changes. I believe it won't make the very next build you get, but it will be in the following one.

Premonition is built slightly different than Shadow Word: Death, but the backlash damage should always occur around 1.25 seconds after the initial cast.
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