5 years ago
Camera changes causing nausea (Not max zoom)
Decreased zoom is *not* what's making us nauseous. The other changes are.

Blizzard changed the way that the camera follows our characters making everything seem shakey/bouncy, the speed at which it zooms in or out when clipping on objects/terrain and how quickly the zoom reacts to adjustments from the mouse wheel.

While increased zoom helped some with nausea *before* these changes, it's not the main problem for those us of newly experiencing camera induced nausea in 7.0.

*Please* Blizzard, for the sake of those of us with these issues, revert at *least* the changes other than max zoom or make them optional in some way.
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5 years ago
Camera changes causing nausea (Not max zoom)
First and foremost, please know that this is a topic of discussion and development across multiple teams here. We have teammates who are sensitive to motion sickness. We care very much about making sure playing our game doesn’t make you – or them – feel unwell.

Although the maximum camera distance changes are the most immediately noticeable, there were several less-apparent changes made to how the camera functions in the pre-expansion patch, and we’ve already identified some cases where those changes may be causing issues. Here’s a few examples:

  • We’ve found an issue with camera shake effects, which we’re currently working to hotfix (if you’ve run Bloodmaul Slag Mines since the patch, you’ve likely noticed this one).
  • There was a systemic change to our graphical renderer which changes the way FoV is calculated. Manually resizing the viewable game area (which is usually done via “viewport” addons) may be affecting the game camera differently than before. We have identified the cause of this issue and are actively addressing it.
  • We’re also tracking down some vehicle-related camera bugs.

We believe that underlying issues like these are the actual source of many of the motion sickness concerns. To that end, if you find yourself feeling ill in-game, examples of where you were and what you were doing at the time would be very useful for helping us track down exactly what’s causing the issue, especially if you can provide video footage so that we can see what the camera was doing at the time.

This issue is very important to us, and we’re working hard on investigating and correcting it as quickly as possible. Any examples you can send us are very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.
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5 years ago
Camera changes causing nausea (Not max zoom)
07/26/2016 08:40 AMPosted by Melinjem
Playing now is like having a bobble head camera that bobbles, wiggles and lurches about of its own accord while my character simultaneously moves and the environment around my character is moving changing too so kind a 3 way motion hitting you at once is very disconcerting and for me leads to attacks of vertigo, nausea, headaches and visual issues.

The camera shouldn't be doing anything like what you describe. There are a few specific new bugs we're tracking: Vehicle camera tracking can break horribly (Al'Akir's phase transition is a drastic example of this bug), and flying mounts are banking excessively when turning, as well as causing a camera "pop" when landing. But we're also wondering whether many of the issues being discussed and reported aren't the result of something going wrong with interface settings...

Have you tried typing "/console actioncam off"? Does that help or change anything at all? If you go to Interface -> Camera, what is your "Camera Following Style" set to? Finally, which UI addons, if any, do you use? Is it possible that any of them might be modifying your camera settings?
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5 years ago
Camera changes causing nausea (Not max zoom)
Thanks for everyone’s reports so far. We’ve been able to use them to isolate a few more potential sources of motion sickness, and are currently working on sending out a small hotfix patch that will hopefully address at least some of them. We wanted to give a quick heads up on what we’re changing.

For starters, we were able to identify some potential issues with how flying mounts are behaving differently in patch 7.0.3 compared to 6.2.4 that we believe will help some players. Once this hotfix is live, flying mounts will no longer bank/lean to the sides when rotating in place, and the extent to which they lean when turning while in motion will be lowered back to how it was in patch 6.2.4. Additionally, we’re fixing an issue that was causing the camera to “pop” when landing or taking off on a flying mount.

We also identified and fixed some bugs that were causing some fairly extreme issues with the camera while the player is considered by the game to be in a “vehicle.” Because of how that tech is used, this includes several situations that might not obviously seem like you’re in a vehicle, such as the later parts of the Al’Akir encounter.

Finally, we received a surprising number of reports from players that indicated they had somehow unknowingly activated “Action Cam.” For those who are unfamiliar, Action Cam is an experimental alternate form of camera control that is currently unfinished and not quite ready for the general public. It had become available through a console command in the Legion beta, but since it doesn’t give any unfair gameplay advantages and (so we thought) had to be expressly activated by the player, we’d left it accessible through that command.

However, it has become clear that more than a few players have somehow turned it on without knowing, and it’s a major cause of motion sickness for those players. So, we’re going to disable it entirely for now, and plan to bring it back in a future patch once we’ve sorted out all the motion sickness issues and given it a little bit more polish.

These fixes will be active on the PTR and Beta realms for testing as soon as possible, and if all goes well, we plan to apply them to live realms on Monday, August 1. Once they’re live, please do continue to report areas of the game or activities in which you’re finding yourself feeling unwell. Videos in particular are extremely helpful, as they allow us to see exactly what the camera is doing at the time. We’re continuing to put our highest priority on resolving these issues and getting you back in the game without having to worry about motion sickness.
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