8 years ago
Requests per day? Two Blues are different.

Wanna confirm how many requests per day now. There're 2 blues one says 10,000 (, one says around 3,000 (, which are all posted on 5/14/2013.

Another question is if the application reaches the limit but keep request, the limit will be removed the next day and recount or will be punished as application doesn't stop?

If I use mine in campus, assume some students also develop theirs, the limit will count all together as we're all have the same external IP?
Web & Mobile Team
8 years ago
Requests per day? Two Blues are different.
Different requests have different costs. We explain this in the second post you link. Some requests are more than others. If you only request characters that haven't been modified (or stuff like realm status, or item pages) then you'll get many more requests per day per IP.

One of the posts you link to is the policy document. We generally allow people to make more than that but the policy numbers are in place just in case of problems. The other forum post you link to was originally a post by Straton that I had to repost. The limits are somewhat higher than they were originally, so while I generally say 3,000 the actual limit is going to be higher.

There is no punishment for going over the limit. You'll just start getting a error message about going over your limit for every request you make. As soon as the servers hit midnight (server local time) your limit will reset and you'll get real data again.

If you are on campus you will be hitting the same limit as others from your same external IP. If this becomes an issue feel free to request a key. Unless you're doing a LOT of data processing you probably won't have a problem.
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